Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dont we look cool babe~? :DD

Although the day started badly, but it turned out to be one of the best days ive had in a long long time :DDD

Went to work as usual in the morning, but eyes was not getting any better. In fact was redder than the nite before x.x Thought it would wear off and get better but started to get blurry and itchy TT^TT~ Colleagues advised me to see doc and so i did lol. Got an mc fr the day..apparently it was an allergic reaction. To what? I have no clue =.=

Anyway, went home and after serving my dishes, went to bed. Slept for abit i think and it was better with the meds the doc gave :) But eyedrops....i have this phobia of putting things in my eyes x.x Duh.

Nudged Ren on msn, jz to bug him about gettin our pets resetted :p Though he was busy with his IELTS studies, he got the hint LOL! Wols la u Ren :D

Haflway through, my pc hanged and died died died TT^TT. I knew it was coming, coz the nite before it hung when i was bidding with ren and zeven =.= i just knew something was gonna go wrong. Luckily i already maxed mumoo when it died on me. So continued on sis' pc and went on to max babe too :D Gratz babe on hitting 3B! :DD

So, in the end, 4 3B resets and it took us 2hrs to complete. FFS was being a real bitch, or maybe my net was, it was so dam slow n errors here n there zzz. But in the end? Happy happy that we got it done :DDD

Managed to get my pc guy to come to the hse and have a look and he managed to salvage it without bringing to shop. Yay~ Apparently the cables had come loose. And and! We stole my sis' ram! LOL! Omg if she ever saw this, im so dead. It seems her pc has 3gb of ram (wtf?) and my pc dude said i could just use hers. So we did. LOL! I stole my sis' ram, and no she doesnt know abt it, are u nuts? Anyway, no diff on her side coz all she uses it for is youtube, fb and erm thats it? I knw im bad, bt i get to save eh. Ill tell her some other time :p

Almost forgot abt dance class coz of the excitement ( and yes my pc is so so cool now!) Had a great class and came back home jz in time when babe sms'ed to audi :D, thanks for the pretty roses ya, even if i do make weird retarded moves holding it :D Love it! Played awhile and fb'ed abit and here i am :D

My cafe world does not lag anymore!! Yay yay yay! I love my pc ~~ :D

So there, my very very very cool day ~ :) Im so estatic and hyped up frm today :DDDD

Time for bed, another day nearer to Xmas ~~ And im taking off next Monday hehe :D

Au revoir~~!


& im so happy u kept ur promise :)

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