Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hello world @ 3am+ ~ Lol..

Can u believe that im still awake at this hour? No wonder i look like shit :S Actually fell asleep earlier and woke up.. Weird dreams again. Its a wonder i keep having fantasy-like dreams when i havent even watched movies for almost a year now D:

Busy as hell at work. Deadlines next Thursday for me to source for supplier and prices for a new project =.= And the boss had the cheek to say, must work faster when deadlines are this near. Yay me~! I guess that applies, even when ur the only one who is doing all the work, ON TOP of the other projects which i have to handle. Hmmm... learning alot..learning alot (me psych'ing myself that this is a good thing).

On the way back from work ytd, i suddenly exploded and had a "bombastic" post idea. It was suppose to be my new year's resolution and what i will say and do. It was all good in my head but i came home and it didnt sound so good anymore D:

I will still post it though, after im done :) Coz its all i have to say and more. I know after ive said it, things might change alot, but thats the chance im willing to take coz it already seems that way. And im tired of keeping it to myself. If they cant accept it, so be it.


If u only knew how much...maybe u do

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