Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday monday monday!! Is finally over *w*

And then there comes Tuesday.... lol :S

Bladi tiring and bery bery long day @__@;;; By the time it was go home, all my limbs were hanging by the sides D: And to top it all off, my air cond dieded on me and the temp rose when i was driving home =.= U couldnt imagine the suspense when i saw it go up up and away. Well, of course, times like this, u need to have dumb ass drivers on the road and all at the same place, at the same time.. blocking my way >_>

Thank god i made it back home in one irritated piece.

Apparently it was down after i came back home on Sat coz it was still fine when i was using it. Then mum drove it to town and called to scold me for not telling the air con was out. How the hell would i not notice the air cond was out? Its like a mini oven in there =.= Sigh.

Anyway, fell asleep whilst harvesting in Farm town lmao..that is the only game capable of making me fall asleep. My mouse literally flew and i woke up :p Bla. Woke up, stare at pc, stare at wall, stare at my feet and then stared at pillow and fell asleep.. D:!!

One thing good about all this, my work is on schedule and i can expect a relaxing off day on Friday :D. Unless they throw some god forsaken shit on me, then they can expect a truckload of 3u89urfqfjoft from me ^^


& i miss u so, how much you'll nvr know

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