Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Happy Tuesday~!! Damn it! Wanted to make this a Monday post but forgot the time and pass 12 d =.=''' Darn, double darn, triple darn! Oh well...

Updates? Not so much, just blogging to show off some stuff...later! :p

Sunday, was much like Saturday :) Spent the entire day at home while family went over to the mainland...shopping..really not my thingie eh :S And my mum knows me well enough that i will nvr go rofl :p Its crowded as hell with ppl and i dont do window shopping. If i wanna get something, ill just get it :)

Morning and afternoon was spent in bed, watching show after show after show until i have no more shows to watch lol. Imagine, i even took out South Park to watch. LOL! "Shut ur fking face uncle fker!" Lololol! Gets me everytime :p

Reloaded acash~ Jeng jeng jeng! Mag is on spending mode lolzz.. couldnt resist, havent reloaded for long while now so i figured oh, what the hoot :D and we get free mall items after cashing in too ( yaya, ima sucker :x) Bla.

Never bought anything yet though D: Just a bday pressie for babe :)

Audied with babe for the longest time since, well, god knows when o.o Frm abt 6plus to abt 12plus x.x And C9, really killing me. I dont know why, its making me more n more confused everytime i play it D: SADDD! I suck TT^TT~ I shall prevail!! SMNSusahdasudy897q4r184135!

But i really had fun. Thanks babe :)

Well, Monday is finally over and done with. One day closer to Christmas! Weeee~~ Dono why i really get hyped up abt Christmas though, it just bring a fuzzy feeling all over :p Day was peaceful and quiet...bosses away to submit the tender application in KL :D I just hope they dont come back tomoro :DDDD Lolzz..

Didnt do much work today, well except clear all my backlog that i had to put aside and prioritise on the last project. So, good that i get to clear it up before the New Year :) Left work sharp for the 1st time in awhile. My eyes very red since i woke up in the morning, i dont even know why D: Maybe something went into my eye last nite and i accidentally rubbed it D: Painnnn~ T^T

Anyway, didnt do much at nite. Except did some bidding with Zeven n Ren :) Made some money,which is good, so i can remax my pets :D Even Sir pat, who i havent heard in awhile :O Guess it was money making nite. Too bad couldnt do it tonite, problems with shortage of money on pets side..Hmmm..will figure it out at work tomoro lolz.

Did a spontaneous purchase and well...not really spontaneous la..:)

I did it coz i dont know if u will keep ur promises to me.

Anoili looks cool eh? :D I like it, always wanted wings and this one is really nice :) Anyway, im happy.. for now.

Time for bed, rest my eyes and another day at work tomoro.



Its not sudden realisation of what u can do, coz u always had it in you.
I remember, coz i was a witness of ur life back then.
Just that, it was new territory, unfamiliar places and faces.
Now that uve gotten used to it, ur back to who u were before.
The insensitivity hurts sometimes, but hey, i shd have gotten used to it right?
No, I will nvr get used to it.

& yet i still care. very much. Sigh.

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