Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ho Ho Ho~!

Ima in a Christmas mood already! Lol! Its the only holiday in the year which i really look forward to. Dont know why though, but i feel bery bery happy when X'mas is around the corner :D

And and and~~ Its TGIF baby! :D Finally that time of the week again hehe..Time really swooshes ne. Time to look back at the year, and reminisnice, the good and the bad of 2009 ;)

Not today though hahahaha~ Brain in a state of freeze still :S

Past 2 days bosses have been outstation, and its been pretty much free in the office :D Except for the OM which is always lurkin ard and poking her noses at our business =.= She's too free la, always eating away at her desk rofl~ :p I think they're coming back today though D:

Anyway, been feeling restless and bored, esp these few days :S Cant sit still but lazy to do anything else. Maybe Saki-chan is right, im burned out. The body's tired but mind not telling it to rest. Even when i sleep, its not really sound sleep and i end up dreaming alot and waking up in the middle of the nite D: Sigh..

Colleagues has been having "debating" sessions these past cpl of days, so its been my entertainment at the office lol..Its kinda lame, but hey, as long they dont come and bother me, im cool ;)

Last nite ended sleeping at 3plus, after UNO'ing with Meimei and Saki-chan lol...we're a bored bunch..really :X But i lost so many times!! T^T Not even one win! I wan a rematch! D: D:

So, now am feeling sleepy again. Thinking of how to raise the value of my maxes in FFS lol..Ahhhhh...bored D: Time to work again. Bla~

Im missing you...what should i do?

Missing the conversations, missing the presence, missing the acknowledgements and missing the friendship. I wonder why is it, im losing all touch of you. Are u doing this on purpose, to stay away? Or ur really busy ? :(

Even if its the end, I put the concern away, and be happy again each day

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