Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas peeps~~!!!

Okok...its abit too late, but this post was meant to come out on Christmas day but but...i was too busy....doing nothing..LOL! Seriously, it was my laziest day ever. Ive nvr done so much nothing in a while now :P Wanted to level up in audi but no one was playing ;cry

So, basically sat ard in front of pc, or laid in bed watching shows. I think im running out of dvd's to watch T^T. Hohoho!! At some point my brain turned wonder i cant recall wat else happened in the afternoon :X Other than slaving in front of my imaginary stoves in Cafe World :D

Oh ya, followed family out to pasar malam in jelutong area...dam alot of ppl and we bought dam alot of stuff to eat x.x Christmas dinner? :p Forgot to get turkey this year and too lazy to cook too x.x

Audied with babe and ivan at night though :D Thank god they came back from genting to save me frm boredom lolol :S Too bad Tbun's net is not wat it used to be, and babe n ivan were laggin as hell ;sob Played till about 1am and was tired as hell x.x Fun! but tired :D

Woke up early as usual to get my dishes out (im gettin more n more addicted now that my pc doesnt lag in and slept back. Its so cool to wake up n not have to go to work! :DD Went in audi when i woke and found babe playin :p Tag hearts time! I didnt realise hw close we were to our next ring :D Tagged abit and net was goin off for babe so decided to stop. Me went to sleep again.....:p!!

Continued taggin again at nite after babe woke up frm his slumber and omgomg it was time to love party!

Full house eh babe :DD Thanks guys for comin ;)

Even with the full house, it didnt lag! Weeee~~ Net ish good to me tonite ;smil

Thanks Hugs and Kisses for the lovely mega!! ;mua

New Caladium rings...Finally!! Thanks babe~~ :DD ;smil ;smil

Played with ray and bassy after that for abit, but i was abit too preoccupied with ma new ring :D. Great Christmas pressie for me babe, thankssssss ;mua

Tried to blog about it after that, but blogger giving me problems uploading the pic T^T~ So posted them in FB instead hehe :) Played Uno with saki-chan and sue for abit but was nodding off at pc :S Sorry guys, we'll have a rematch soon ;)

Its even cooler knowing that its Sunday when i wake up! Woohoo! ^^


& i wish time would stand still,
coz these are the best times ever :)

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