Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This is what happens when women shop....

Lol...and some of them still have hand luggage @_@ Fierce...This is what we brought back frm Hatyai.

Sorry sorry, im late with my posts.. actually wanted to post this on Monday but these 2 days have been extremely tired when i reach home and i practically nod off at the pc :S. Dont really know wt the cause of my tiredness are, but could be that my body is finally telling me that it cant take anymore late nights..for now D:

Monday was generally slow, bt for the 1st time since i start working here, i almost fell asleep at work. I had to up my caffeine dosage just so i didnt fall asleep x.x Slept early that night..i think..hmmm..Oh yea, boss and colleague had a blow out =.= Both were just as stubborn but i do think my boss is being ridiculous. And ungrateful. But then about 99.9% of them are. Lol. As a result, colleague didnt come to work on Tuesday :S

Tuesday was quiet in the morning. Except when the bosses came in the afternoon and i was swamped with work. And its not even in my job desc >_>" Oh well, a new learning experience (Me being positive thinking about shit lol) Before that was Uno'ing on FB with Saki-chan, Meimei and Raychy..spoiled my fun nia...LOL! :X

Rain rain rain the entire night. Went for dance classes and came back feeling tired..again :S Oh yes, attempted to get into FB to help babe deco his cafe..ended up 40mins later and i was still trying to get in. WTF. My pc lags like hell. I seriously dont knw if its coz of the Windows 7 with my insufficient ram or the fk up connection D: Even took a vid with my phone, jz to show hw much patience i actually post on FB when i get it out tonite. Ytd nite was too pissed and fell asleep halfway..

So, today, quiet day. Busy abit in the morning and now slacking abit. Think my bosses went to KL..Yay? :P But woke up with a very bad sore throat. Very very dry and finding it hard to swallow.. Re-did my cafe again (3rd time !) coz the ratings were low low low D: Now its goin up up and away~~ yay~ LOL..fine! I have no life. Bla.

Back to work. Oh! Its almost lunch! :p

Have a "fun" day at work peeps ;)

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