Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hope u have a wonderful & happy year and many many more years to come :)

No Monday blues today!! Yay me! Hahahaa....mainly coz i didnt go to work today :p Well i did go to the office for a bit to settle some stuff then i left..heee :D

3 more days to New Years and its gonna be a long weekend again :D The bosses actually brought in another tender and submission date? Next week. Wtfish? =.=" I told my colleagues, ok, i dont wanna know. Let me know when im officially working tomoro :p In the end, the bosses suddenly felt, it was a little tight schedule (lol?) and asked sourced for other ppl to price it in. Hurhur XD..

Was jio'ed to audi by mango and ken ytd and as usual, alvin will mia halfway through games and nvr come back ( yes, i wan u to read this =.=) and ken will be busy sms'ing away =.=" Then babe came in :) After that, was basically staring at pc and in the end forced sis to find something to watch. Ended up watching "Spirited Away" which was quite, considering we couldnt find the japanese version for quite some time now..though i fell asleep b4 disc 1 was halfway through...LOL! :X

What else, what else? Hmmm.. Oh ya, took my car to the shop again T^T~ I just spent like 500plus bucks on servicing and fixing the spoilt aircon now the brake pumps are dead =.=. Kill me pls. I seriously need a new car. New years resolution! Try to get a new car next yr since the payment for this one will end sometime in April :D

Other than that, nthg much. Wanted to go over to mainland to collect my free gift frm UOB but car repair took too long. Sigh. So ended up, audied abit, took dog for walk, came back watch some dvd and slept..lol. Too tired..pockets too tired.. :S

Oh well, back to work tomoro.. hopefully itll be a peaceful day. Time for my rest and maybe find something to watch...again D:


&i hope the rose coloured glasses have nt come off..
i hope it goes on being like this~
just like this~

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