Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ahhhh~~ Wat a sleepy Tuesday x.x

Serves me right fr sleeping at almost 4 last nite TT^TT~ Was watching some DVD which i cant even remember which ady >_>'' But then again, it was a super super busy day at work today..not much time to even Fb and dam net kept goin off anyway, 1min im online next im off =.= Lousy office wireless.. :(

Dam bosses being a pain in the ass over some small little baby project. It would seem like it was their 1st project ever by the way they're handling it. Oh well, its not i get any commission out of it. Need a new job. Soon. Lol, yes again.

Car repairs came up to Rm200, accumulative for this month? 700bucks. *stabs self repeatedly*

Major sighing in progress.

Came home early, fell asleep, and went to dance class :) Came home, nudged ray to audi abit with me and whoosh 4hrs has passed =.= Maybe i shd sleep. I need more sleep.

And i just played Tomb Raider on tv. Lol :S

Oh ya, ss for the night frm ray :p

Its so unbelievably easy to post this, so i posted anyway~~ :p

Lolol for the nite~ Thanks ray for cheering me up :)

Time to lay down i guess..back pain >< chair =".="">_> Bla.



&i try to block out the insecurities, shoo go away!
I love things just the way it is, dont take it away just yet :(

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