Monday, December 7, 2009

Zomg! I didnt post anything over the weekend :X I meant to ne, i even started a few new posts on those days and got out one liners :S So i now i have a few drafts with only one sentences in it..Lol! Bla. D:

So, what have i been up to the past weekend?


Friday Colleague had blowout with boss, which resulted in him handing in resignation lol. Sigh, my bosses are asses. I dont side anyone, but the bosses handled this all wrong. They ask us to not do office politics, bt the only ones doing it are actually them. And did i already say, its only 3 of us? =.= ( of course i excluded the off manager, coz she's family..and she's the spy and tattle tale >_>. Whatever). Net was horrid, couldnt even get online at all, and ended up sleeping at 10pm :O Now i really think its the modem problem..though it can also be becoz Streamyx SUCKS!

Saturday Half day work. Though i dont think i really worked as much. Wasnt really in the mood..I mean its Saturday ok? Lol~ Though i slept earlier the night before, still was feelin as tired. Hmmm.. Havin too many bad dreams :S

Left work sharp at 1 coz needed to take car for servicing. Then family went out, and i stayed at home. Ended up taking out Friends and watching the whole series again. Laughed my head off :D Its always a good pick'er upper, to watch hw a goofy a bunch of friends can be. I wish i had that. Didnt Fb as much, jz watched n watched and laughed. :) And oh yes! I changed my blog bg :DDD. Doesnt it look kawaii now?? :p Ok, i admit, its a tad bit too cute but hey, its one page! Yey! :p And im cute enough to match it :P LOLOL! :x

Sue finally joined us for our Uno session! :D It was fun, alot of "I love u" 's while we were slapping each other with +4 and +2 cards :p

Sunday Woke up early again, love waking up early when there's no work :p (remember babe?) lol. Anyway, dishes were ready so yeah, Ren has already surpassed me lor TT^TT. I seriously think he juz sits there and cooks whole day =.= Anyway, more of Friends, even got my sis watching with me :) Family went out again in the afternoon, and i just rotted in my room. Coffee and Friends. Love my Sunday :D Attempted many times to blog, but brain was not in the mood to work and was too preoccupied with the show haha :X

So there, my 3days hiatus has turned out a long long post. And Monday, was boring. Sleepy as hell and moodless :S Just got new tender documents for a new project, so gonna be even more busy these few days D: Im gonna be working for my money again! Lol~ But hey, work is good. I think. Hmm.

Net has been seriously gettin on my nerves these few days. I mean its completely ridiculous how many times we need to restart the modem in one night. I wonder if its really the bladi modem =.= I shd just get a new one and be over with it. Sheesh.

Ur always on my mind~

No matter how many times u say, im not free.
No matter how many times u say, im ok.
No matter how much it hurts when we cant talk like we used to.
No matter how much it hurts when others knw when ur coming home and i dont have a clue.
No matter if it hurts when u answer in single words when i try to talk to you everyday,
But u respond to others like they're always there everday.
Despite all that, i still care.
Even if u dont.

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