Thursday, December 24, 2009

Its officially Christmas Eve!!! Yay!! Omg omg omg ~ Im so hyper x.x

Seriously busy busy busy day today though @___@;; It was non stop working and moving in and out of the office frm the morning to almost 7pm. Pooped!! Bosses were doing they're last minute ordering of supplies again coz since we were gonna be closed for a cpl of days, they didnt want the workers to be idling around =.=

Should have ordered earlier ok? Its not like they dont know we were gonna be closed. Saja de la, make me run ard like a nut x.x To suppliers shop, take samples, collect paint, send to site, go back to shop, take more samples, check out prices...bla bla bla.. And all they want it to be delivered on Monday =.=

Then i told them, im off on Monday ( something which i already told days back) they went, "oh.." Oh well.. Thinking of cancelling Monday's leave though, since they gave us Saturday off.. n next week's gonna be a four day week too..Hmmmmm.. Will decide on Sunday lol...

Anyway, thank god i made it through the very very hectic day and am now safe and sound at home..resting :D

Wanted to try levelling up so played audi abit with ray. He was too busy admiring my bouquet of flowers to play though :p So, got him a Xmas pressie...Merry XMas ray ;) Then he couldnt stop admiring his bouquet LOL :p Anyway, played till it was him who leveled and i tried his lic...and passed :DD..ima cool haha... Nah, if it was the old lic song, i might not have passed, but luckily they changed mode and songs and some of the passing reqs :)

So there, basically my xmas eve events. Not much happenings and sad to say this yr sms'es are getting lesser and lesser TT^TT~ Except for a few who nvr fail to send every time.. i guess thats all that matters right? :)

Merry XMas Ray ~ :)

So, time to loiter about and watch some tv and get some rest :)

Merry Merry Christmas to all in advance and to all a good night!!!

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