Sunday, December 13, 2009

The 3 Musketeers we are~ ♥

This has been the laziest Sunday everrr for me. Gosh, i dont think i did alot of things today ~.~ Just sat in front of the idiot box and watched non stop Friends @_@;;; Yes i did wake early, coz my dog suddenly had the urge to sleep with me and basically made me sleep in a very ackward position =.= Nop u cant move, coz then he will get angry and start growling >_>' So i slithered my out of bed and oh heck since my dishes were ready in Cafe World, might as well go there :p

No saki-chan i dont have OCD!! Maybe just abit.....:S

Cant believe its Monday again! Thank god Friday is an off day! XMas pls come soon!! TT^TT

Cant believe im watching SAW 6 now! TOTALLY GROSSING ME OUT! Even listening to the sound effects grosses me out. Not a good movie to watch after dinner..nononono D: Maybe i shd take a looong looong bath and hope that its finish when i come back? :S

Anyway, seriously gettin warmer and warmer by the day..gonna take a bath and rest up earlier i suppose. Pre-Monday blues~~ D:


Im thankful for one thing though. The ppl ive met throughout my 2009 journey~ I love u guys lots and im certainly thankful that i have u guys through all my ups and downs

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