Saturday, December 12, 2009

Its Saturday!! :D

Finally the weekends are here again.. though it seems they just left not too long ago. It feels like time is goin into a warp mode and we're all moving faster n faster into the future..

Id like to think i did some good decisions for the year, but then there were alot of bad ones too. It juz seems 2009 was definitely not my year D:

Anyway, Friday was busy busy as usual. Still tryin to get my tender submissions out b4 the end of next week since Friday is going to be a holiday ~ :D Jia you jia you me~! Oh, boss threw a fit again, at my other colleague. I think he's been having pms these few weeks. Seriously. And it wasnt even her fault, coz another colleague gave her the wrong info. It was me, i would have just said the truth. Un-deserved scolding. It really was, even if i didnt like her lol (thats another story :p)

Saturday is Friends - the continuation day down to my last 2 seasons :) After this, its time to dig out my old anime and start watching those..unless u guys have other suggestions for me :D, though afternoon was spent mostly in audi :D Its been awhile since i last played and C9 was being an ass again TT^TT~ Despite the constant dc'ing and major lagging, i still managed to have a great time :) It reminded me of how much joy it used to give me and i missed it alot.. thanks~ :D


I dont know how long it will last this time, but maybe we should not let that take us down
and be happy while we can~

I laugh at your actions. How desperate are u? Its not the way i would do it. Its just shows how lonely u really are and i pity that. And it doesnt matter how u look in the outside. Its how i see u in the inside. But its a pity though, that to most ppl, external is more important than anything else and me saying much does not matter to them. The world is its own shallow hal, and that saddens me.

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