Sunday, November 29, 2009

I just got a new haircut!! Yay~♥

My sis FINALLY open shop today and offered to cut and straighten my hair for me :D After its been in a state of chaotic mess for the past month or so. But then ive been hesitating too. The time it takes to have it all done x.x In the past it could go up to abt 6hrs! Minimum ok? My butt hurts and ima restless person...:X

Anyway, this time it only took 4hrs :DD yay~ So, new haircut, for a new week, a new month (well, almost), and almost a new year :D

Day has been quiet, woke early, to serve my dishes lol ( i seriously wonder why im still so playin cafe world...i knw...its kiasuism :S) The lag i have to go through jz to play that game, and still im relentless :p

Afternoon was spent doing my hair, slept awhile after that, woke up, watch abit of tv and here i am now.

Cant believe its Monday again! Arghhhh!! :S Ramble, grumble, whine, complain, bla bla bla...

Im so so lazy and bored at the same time. Contradiction? Not really. I wanna do stuff coz im bored but when i find things to do, im lazy. LOL! Oh well D:

Net played a cruel game with me at nite, totally pissed me off when its 2min dc'ing at a time. So annoyed that i actually fell asleep! D: In the end, had to restart pc, and it was slightly better again..>_<

Guess im off to bed, since its almost, well not, its 3 now. Crap =.="

Have a great week guys~ :)

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