Thursday, November 19, 2009

Morning world @ 19th Nov~

Gosh, its almost the end of November. Soon it will be Xmas and 2010! I cant believe its been a year since i was in KL working. Boy i miss it, despite all the stress up, i still miss the ppl there :) Hopefully will be able to go back soon, for visit? Work? Haha maybe :D Still in planning ;)

Anyway 2 more days! Some time off frm life, frm work, frm the mundane world :p

Posting again from work, hahah wats new :D Just enjoying my freedom, whilst i still have it. I predict some busy times in a month or maybe a few weeks time D:

"Its ironic,
We ignore those who adore us,
Adore those who ignore us,
Loves who hurts us, and hurts those who love us."

Humans are weird that way. How we perceive love or what we perceive love to be. How we take for granted love that is given and seek out the ones that are non-existant. Call me old fashion, but i still believe it exists, love i mean. Yes, it sucks at times, but isnt that life? We make our choices, and when we choose to love someone, it has to be taken all in, good or bad. Nthg is good all the time, it might be in the beginning, flowers and sparks but as a r/s progresses there will highs and lows at some point but its how u face it that matters.

Lol, random thoughts? :)

Anyway, thoughts are trailing away due to PA talkin loudly on phone and drilling next door x.x so i guess its time to stop multitaskin and continue workin :P

Just want u to knw, im always here, whether u see me or not, its up to you :)

"Im adamant on being happy this time, no matter what"

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