Friday, November 20, 2009

Maybe. Perhaps. Definitely.

Its Friday. Yet again :) Feeling kinda lethargic though. And indifferent. A part of me knws im doing the right thing, its something i need. But part of me is afraid of what i will come back to. Dilemma.

But i guess, there is no turning back and i shall have to go through it. If i do come back to what i have been dreading, guess i cant do much about it. It juz proves, i dont matter, not anymore. Sigh. Painful shit.

Im looking for the on/off button for caring, can someone tell me where it is?

The signs are all there. What else do i need to make myself understand? Its not the same, no matter what is said or done. For hell cares, if i shd even leave this god-forsaken land tomoro. Lol.. Ok being drastic. But then its kinda true when it comes to this.

Can money buy me love?

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