Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another day ending. Another chapter of tales of disappointment.

Busy day at work, yet it felt as though i was floating through air the entire day. Unresponsive and worn down. U nvr cease to amaze me on how u can hurt my feelings :)

The cold hard fact is, u nvr really treated me anything more than a "sub" friend. Whenever there was nobody to cater to ur whims, i was the one u looked for. Whenever there was nobody to listen to ur tales of sadness at work, or at home, i was the one u looked for. If u had, i would be non existent.

Its ok.

Ive learnt that in life, nothing is ever fair. Life is nvr fair. But i would expected more respect frm u. U were nvr the friend when i needed one. Telling me u were busy with work, but that was nvr mostly the case was it? U had time fr ur extra social lifestyle. But not fr someone u claimed was an important friend. Since when were u ever there hun?

I laugh at my stupidity over n over again. I laugh at my soft-heartedness over n over again.

I am done talking, done crying, done feeling hurt, done pleading u to listen, done trying to be ur friend, and im done with you.

Goodbye ♥

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