Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I got my phone! Yay!! :DDD In the end, went for E71 hahaha :D Told ya i was indecisive and fickle :X Anyway, thanks babe for the suggestion :)

No photos yet, coz i tried taking it with my old phone, bt i cant transfer it out..dam phone dying sooner than i thought. Wanted to use digital camera but bah, no batteries =.= Will post them tomoro~ Promise! :D

Went to my normal phone dealer guy, i bought my last 2 phones from them, so yea guess i like the service better and the prices are much more competitive...i think :p It was so funny, coz i sat there for the longest time, staring and thinking if i shd get it. I mean its a cool phone but the kb's are dam small, and i need to get use to it in time. So, ive become a slow sms typer D:

Was actually looking at e66, bt after getting bad feedback abt the batt, i was really turned off by it. But i still looked at it coz it was white :p My phone guy showed me his e66 and told me he hasnt had any problems with it, bt batt life was 2 days only...not cool. Called bro, called mum, discussed and i got it! Lol...dont ask me why i consult my family b4 i purchase anything. I jz do it to please them ..:S

Conclusion, cool phone bt need a lot of getting used to. Kb are like our pc kb's which im nt used to yet, and alot of functions tat i need to explore. Downside to the learning part? My manual is in chinese, Taiwan export. Hmmmmm... time to google n shake :p

Work was busy today, bt office manager nt ard (yay!) so i jz did my work, which is neverending and snuck in Fb when i had a chance lol..having a sudden headache now, maybe coz i ran under the rain..Shd go to bed now, coz eyes are not really opening n feels like migraines again x.x

Anyway, hope its a wonderful Tuesday for u guys tomoro~! ♥

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