Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another day, another week, another month, another year.

And another post :)

Life has been pretty much dull recently. Still having sickening feeling after every meal =/ Checkup is due tomoro D: Guess ill be ok, keeping a positive mind on things :)

Work is dull and so full of shit. I hate office politics, esp when there's only a few of us in the office. Its so uncalled for and uneccessary =.= And even the boss does it, wtf. Thinking of changing I dont want to, but i have a knack fr choosing the worst possible employers. Hmmmm....

Well, shall start searching..:p

Currently posting this at work, coz will nt be online as much at home. Lol..i do try ok =.= staying away frm everything which reminds me of what has become :) Guess in my quest to find true friends, friends that stand by no matter wat shit u give them, i have to first find myself.

Oh ya, pc has been given a new lease on life, since it had cardiac arrest a few days ago. Im hoping this time it will last, considering im using my extra cash to have it done up..And oh yes, getting new phone soon! Weee~~! Not an iphone im happy with anything i can get :)

No more sad posts frm me anymore, coz there's nthg to be sad about anymore. I dont wish to be angry or sad for ppl who will not care if i did :)

Finally, my emancipation.

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