Friday, November 13, 2009

Its Friday time really flies.

It seems like ytd when u walked away, but its not. The feeling is still very fresh in my heart and on my mind. Friends keep telling me to move on, dont look back. Easier said then done eh? I knw u guys want the best fr me, but this is something which i have face on my own.

I need to be who i was before. I need to be strong again.

Anyway, had my check up ytd, waiting fr results in a day or two. But i guess i shd be allright. I wont die so soon lol~ Suffer yes, die no.

So muchie optimism on my side :p Anyway, life is fragile, im livin each day as it was my last. Telling the ppl that i care hw much they mean to me. So even if i were to leave this earth one day, i shall not have regrets and the ppl ard me will knw hw much i loved them :)

I wanna get my new phone!! Rawr~ waiting fr my bro to get it for me coz his friend has a phone shop and he sells them to him slightly lower than market price :D
Work is cool today, one of the old ladies on leave :p i was alone in the office this morning, it was my world :p but i still worked la..jz under not so stressed out conditions. Lookin looking fr new job~ lalalala~

Been having bad dreams again D: This morning woke up to a dream where u told me, "ive broke it" Hmmmmm...might be losing my marbles soon D:

My pc is cool! New windows 7, but problem is, my ram cant really support it, hence the need fr more ram! Grrrrr.. next month ba..

What else..oh! One more week! Im goin away in less than a week time! Weet! Looking forward to it really :DD Couldnt have came at a better time ;)

Dam it, im really sleepy now.. looking at the clock n counting the time to go home :p

Back to work~ happy fly-day guys ;)

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