Saturday, November 28, 2009

My eyes hurt :(

I dont knw whether i accidentally knock on something when i was sleeping or is it because ive been staring at the pc for long hrs. All i knw is, the minute i touch it, it feels sore :( Maybe i shd see a doc :S

Anyway, its the weekends again. Though work didnt go so well, actually argued with my colleague because she was getting on my nerves. Kept repeating the same thing over and over again and i juz snapped and told her to get str8 to the point. She got pissed. As if i fking care? Jz be precise and get to the dam point. Sheesh.

Day was quite hot and somehow i was feeling kinda hyper in the afternoon and lethargic later in the evening. Didnt do much the entire day, jz sat ard and watched dvd's and staring at the pc, with the occasional 15min naps. Dont knw why i felt so restless today.

Oh ya, for the past cpl of days, been bumping into someone which i totally dislike with every single nerve in my body at lunch. Of all the ppl, i would bump into, it had to be her. And not even once, twice! Wtf. Every time i look at her, i jz feel sick to the stomach. Dont think ive ever disliked someone this much b4, bt she reminds me of alot of ugly shit. I would use hate, bt its a strong word, even though its hw i really feel =.=

Other than that, audied awhile with ray n sam. Nothing much, was kinda quiet most the game lol. But there was one convo between ray n sam which really cracked me up,

Sam: So how do u swing fast fast? (they were talking abt badminton)
Ray: Use hand.

LOL! I knw ray actually meant it seriously, but man, did that make me lol for real! Haha :D

Left awhile after that, coz was feeling tired and cranky lol. Nets been givin me problems the entire night. So dam screwed up. I mean we're paying SP for fks? I juz feel like picking up the phone and giving whoever who is unlucky enuf to pick up the call and giving them a good piece of my mind. Hmmm..maybe i shd do that tomoro =.=

Couldnt even get into any of the applications properly and i washed my stoves in Cafe World like 5times and still im cleaning coz the connection keeps gettin cut. >_>'''' Bah bah bah! Whatever. Sue offered to help, but im jz too annoyed. If i cant do it, then heck let it be =.=

So now im sittin here, tired, cranky, irritated and sleepy. Maybe it coz i didnt sleep in the afternoon. Lol..

Maybe i shd go sleep now :p Since i cant do much with the screwed up connection =.=

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