Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Trust - its the easiest thing to lose and the hardest thing to get back" - R.Williams

Such a simple 5 letter word but so important and yet people take it ever so lightly.. Its like a broken glass, u can piece it back together but it will nvr be the same glass. It saddens me that i might nvr trust a person the same again.

I remember like it was ytd, hw i let go a 3yr friendship because in the end i realised i was nothing much in her life. I doubt she ever thought of me as a close friend. Anytime she needed anyone, i was the 1st to be there. But in the end, she betrayed my trust and did things behind my back that made me realise i could nvr forgive her, not anymore. I have forgiven her though, bt she is not part of my life anymore.

I have a sickening feeling the whole day :( Part of me feels, i cant be nvr be sure of anything anymore, part of me says, try.. But i have, so many times..time n time again i end up feeling sad.. What shd i do?

Well its Monday again.. another passed yet again and i seem to have nothing much but lay in bed and finding stuff to do or watch to keep my mind frm thinking too much =\

Back to work guys~ Hope u all have a great week ahead ~

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