Friday, October 30, 2009

"People walk into our lives everyday, but its the ones that stay and leave a mark are the ones that count"

Would u help me understand which friends in ur life that u have lost because of me? Do u want me to name them all out for u? Think back and remember who those ppl really meant to u when u first befriended them.

True friends, ppl who really care, would nvr ever leave some1 no matter what they did. Whenever they needed someone to listen, that person would always give their all to be ur listening ear. Tell me, did those ppl really care? Or did u really care if they left? How important were they to u?

I have nvr ever left some1 i truly cared and dumped them aside for some new friend. They do not hold importance in my heart yet. New excitement in meeting new aquaintances, or old ones who left do not hold anything to me. Its the ones that nvr left that matters.

Numbness over what has become. But it as much ur choices as it is mine. I do not wish to talk anymore or send long msgs which will be deleted. For the 1st time since ive known u, i truly wish to give up and let u go.

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