Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Exclusive Post!!!!

Well, it was suppose to be exclusive and posted on my birthday...then laziness got the best of me and well one thing lead to another, so here i am explaining myself =.=

Anywayyy~ another year has time really flies nowadays. I remember last year at this time i was in KL, celebrating my bday alone :( Home alone with a bowl of noodles.. Pros and cons of coming back to penang, i still enjoy my time away frm family, made me appreciate them more and well, birthdays are really not a biggie fr me @_@

But then tis year's bday was really a great one fr me :) Partly coz of all the ppl i met in FFS which it even better :D Plus old friends with new = wonderful :D Alot of surprises and i felt loved, after a long long time ;)

Lotsa love to my lovely panda sisters who made it such a tear jerking day fr me..lotsa hugs and kisses guys~! To all my friends who remembered, love ya all ;)

Anyway its monday again~ sigh..even with deepavali hols on sat, time whooshed on by just like tat :( Days have been pretty slow, except fr some office conflicts at work, i juz sit by and watch..entertainment yet again lol.. Have a feeling will be quite busy soon, i think @_@ but until then shall enjoy my peace and quiet and my time on FB lolz..

Been feeling down this 2 days, alot of frustration and pent up anger. The main reason is, i donwan to be treated like hw i was b4 to another so called 'friend'. How she would only look me up when she had problems in r/s and when she didnt i was jz dumped aside. Is that being fair? Im so tired of making my point, i feel like giving up and telling everyone to jz fk off. I f u cant appreciate me when im ard, dont complain when im not.

Anyway time fr bed, another day, another week.. have a great one guys :)

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