Friday, October 30, 2009

Another 2 weeks of my life has passed..Oct leaving soon, Nov jz ard the corner. So what have i done these past cpl of weeks? Hmmm..recaps..

After my bday was Sir pat's bday and sue's big day..Made my 1st vid for her with the sisters :) It was tough considering i procrastinated till the very last day to do it..and i had absolutely no idea how x.x Spent the 2 days watching tutorials on Youtube (thank god fr the ppl who invented it :3), and finally was able to come out with a decent looking vid. Nothing pro, bt hey it was my 1st time and im quite proud of it :p In the end, was even to upload and play it Youtube without much problems..yay me :D

Cool right?? And yes, it was me singing :x Blah~ Had to do it after everyone left home coz i donwan any "why's" frm them =.=

Next project will be an audi vid :) But that will need more looking into and i wanna make it nicer tis time :D

Wat else? Hmmmm.. oh ya, got my panda soft toy frm Ren! So sweet of him, though i only know him frm FFS bt he's frm penang too and he's really one sportin guy :) and he send it out to me, even though i think we've known each other fr less than a month. Cute boy :D

Other than that nothing much, am still pretty free at work, well i consider not running ard the ENTIRE day a free jz waiting fr all the projects to be approved then ill be one dead girl. Well at least it will get me off my unhappiness recently~

Ive made some decisions that i nvr thought i would, bt i think ill be sticking to them this time. Ive had enuf of shit in life to take anymore from ppl i think will care. U wanted me to leave u alone so u can enjoy ur time, no u didnt put it that way, bt u meant it like tat. After all the yrs we've known each other, uve finally thrown me aside coz u wanted fun and uve finally honest with me :) U said i made u sad, guess after 3yrs of sticking with u, i nvr brought anything else. Ppl who leave u are more impt than ppl who have always stuck by u, no matter wat u did. I hope u understand ur decision tonight, coz i finally see u and for the 1st time i really dislike everything uve become.

Nothing else much to say, coz my heart is so hardened, and my sadness is overpouring inside recalling how u treated and the words u used on me tonite. Goodbye and take care, coz i hope uve made the right decision for when u turn ard to look fr me, ive walked the other way...

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