Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wah! Total neglect on my blog!! Wat an abused little blog!! So unloved!! :p

Okok, ive not been blogging, like i said i would..i broke my promise, bite me :D Life is still as mundane as the day i stopped blogging therefore the need to not i making sense? So what have i been up to? Lets backtrack to my last post...

Raya hols came and went, went to work with a heavy heart, bt went nonetheless..busy 2 days, partly coz there was a pre award tender addendum to submit, so ya, alot of running ard x.x Submitted everything in order tis time! So proud of meself *wide grins* Then it was the weekends and another week again...

The week went on quietly though~quiet, quiet,quiet...Its been pretty quiet since wat do i do now...nono i dont lepak ard not doing anything ok? I do work and at times it can get busy, bt its slowed down since the last 2 months..thank god though, at least im able to clear on all my backlog and when it gets busy again, i shall be prepared!!

So Sept left and October's here...*gasp* Its that time of month again...the dreaded day x.x Bla..Its still pretty slow ( like i said..mundane =.=) with still enuf work to keep me busy, busy , busy..I can expect turbulent winds to hit soon...very soon :x

What else have i been up to other than work? Nothin much really, pretty much been lurking ard in FFS and msn :D Havent bein audi'in as much coz 1. i still havent figured out hw to change my dam resolution of my pc 2. Lazy-ness 3. My bl is normally inactive =.=

Anyway, managed to get babe resetted and maxed at 2B :) and gt up to 4B myself :DD...pretty much nthg else to do in ffs haha..except find friends and lame ard :x Seriously though, i dont knw wat i do in fb, i roam ard aimlessly and b4 u knw it, its 2am and ur dead tired =.=

Hmm..guess thats that i said (please refer to the above), and im pretty much beat fr now..luckily its saturday already...though i tell myself to sleep more, ill prolly end up in front of the pc staring at the screen >_> I shd start finding animes to watch again :p

Oh well, another day, another blog, another chapter of my sad sad life..

Nites peepos, have a good night rest, sweet dreams and have a great weekend ahead (mine will mostly be in bed or in front of pc :x)

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