Saturday, September 19, 2009

Okok, ive been neglecting my blog long enough >< And since im on hols, guess there's no better time to update :p

Yes, im on hols! :D Hari Raya to be im free frm work for 5 days!! Woots! Something to be really happy about since i first started work here :) So whats up about me since i last posted? Nothing much, u guys who have been talking to me know, its been work, work and more work @_@. Im always still at the office at 5.30 and end up working till abt 7 plus.. Dont ask why i dont leave, i shd, coz i dont even get paid ot fr my extra time. Once or twice is ok, but the bosses are such fked up ppl that they make u think leaving early is a bad employee =.= screw them. I dont remember tatoo'ing "Charity" on my forehead. Bla.

I have the worst luck with bosses..sigh =/ Jus when i thought i was gonna learn more stuff here and start being serious with a job ( nt that i wasnt serious b4 lol) as in, making it a career, this happens.. i guess shit happens, in my case it happens alot =.=

I dont mind working long hrs, bt to be unappreaciated and said as if i have not done my best irritates me, so much that i actually answered when they were trying to pin something on me. Pls im nice but im not stupid >_> Juz because i speak softly doesnt mean i will swallow all the crap u try to put on me.

So ive decided, to start looking for a new job (sigh, again) these hols, i think my life will be shortened by a lot if i continue working here =.=

Anywayyy, other than that, life has been pretty boring =/ Work till late and come home and fall asleep after doing my fb chores lol! Pc juz came back ytd after 1 week hiatus in the pc shop..think my hd is dying a slow and painful (for me) death =.= One more time it dies and im getting a new one! Thank god it came in time b4 my hols least i have something to fiddle with..Now need to figure out wat i did to make my audi work again..sobs. Babe i hate u! lol..that was so random :p

Ok, ill promise to blog more frequently, even about useless junk that happens in my life ok? haha :p Have a good weekend guys, and those who are on hols, have fun! Those who are not..well..sayang ya? :p

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