Sunday, September 6, 2009

Yay! I finally did it hahaha :p

My eyes are tired..and so is my comp lol x.x. Anyway, thankfully i found a skin that i actually liked and simple enuf :) Esp the "i like coffee because im an adult" ;) Hmm lets see, wats been happening since i last blogged..

Currently, my house is in total silence becoz my sis n mum heard someone on the roof of our hse..not sure whether its a cat or is there some1 up there though. My bro fren jz came to help us chk it out..Dont ask me why im still blogging though.

Ok, they juz left..shdnt be anything though but we'll keep alert fr the night. Used to be quite a number of robberies here last time, thats why my next door neighbour has this huge dog. Hopefully its nothing.

Continuing on..

As usual, past week since my last post has been tiring. After submission of the tender the project i was in charge off, i had the Monday off coz of Independance Day..oh ya..

Happy Birthday Malaysia! ♥

One day rest in Tueday and then it was back to hectic week again x.x New renovation job came in and had to start on purchasing, sourcing..bla bla bla..Guess thats abt it though, ntg much except fr work lol..bah.. Am now waiting fr Raya hols, hopefully ill get more days off (*^^*)...

Other than that, I was finally resetted in FFS and reached my 2B mark haha..all thanks to my dearest Susan ♥ She's really the nicest person ever :) and i maxed babe too haha...yay me n babe..maxing on the same day (^^*)

Been quite active in FFS, its sort of like my chat place.. think its the thrill of buying n selling haha :p

Shall go rest awhile now and watch some anime..dont think my family wil be sleepin much tonite coz tonite's incident =/

Still some minor tweeks here and there b4 my blog is perfect, bt ill look to it eyes dam tired now..But it was fun :)

Lotsa luv xoxo ~

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