Thursday, November 5, 2009


Having bad migraines these cpl of days. And it doesnt help when ur colleagues are each others throats. So tiring being in between. Just felt like shouting to them, and get them to shut the fuck up. Sigh.

Going into depression soon. Been feeling sick and no appetite at all. It reminds me of when i was in KL where i didnt eat fr days. Been throwing up food again =/

Update at office:
New staff started work on Monday. Well actually old staff which came and coincedently is the boss'es sister. Duh. Another old lady in the office =.= And ytd she calls fr a meeting and wants to do housekeeping ard the office. Ahhhh...

Then tis morning, we started. She did it halfway and had a nosebleeding session =.="" I ended up doing most of the work while she sat at her table, dazed. Blah. The ppl i have to put up with. Now im so freaking tired and migraine jz got worse.

I jus feel like sleeping and nvr ever waking up from this nightmare. But its been nightmares that has been keeping me up.

So, current status? Extremely tired, depressed, no appetite, and bad headaches to boost to all that.

Im sorry i bothered u. Im sorry i worried uneccesarily. Im sorry for breaking my own promise and contacted u when i said i wont. Im sorry for being weak and did when u didnt need me to.

I hope i wont do it again.

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