Thursday, November 12, 2009

The single thread that was left, the only connection was taken away from me today.

I shd feel nothing, coz i shd have expected it. Its still hard to take, coz im only human. And it still hurts. The fact that u have actually really let go of this friendship.

Im off today, goin out soon fr a checkup, so jz a short post b4 that. Mind is currently blank, coz it seems to be quite clear that u want to have nothing more to do with me. The only thing that i have as a reminder of what we were was taken away by you today. The only privileage i ever had is no more :)

I dono what your "trying" as i saw on ur bl, but if u intend to break this tie, i hope u will just be honest to me now. I dont think i can take anymore silence and denials.

My pc came back with new HD and for awhile when i was taking it back home, i suddenly realised alot of my audi pics might be gone. Then i thought, maybe its fr the best that i dont look at the past anymore. Anyway, its still there, they managed to salvage it. Unlike this relationship that we have had for as long as ive had those pics.

But despite all the pain and hurt, despite the words and actions that were done, ull always n forever be in my heart *loves*

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