Monday, November 23, 2009

Was on sick leave today :(

Woke up with fever and body aches. Must be rain. Oh well...went to see doc and slept the day away. Havent slept so much in a very long time :) Though i still feel extremely tired.. hmmm..

Well its back to work tomoro though.. Alot of stuff still pending completion x.x Hopefully will be able to finish it up by end of the day. Im having headaches again now D:

Writers block........... shd really stop watching :x

Oh ya!! I just remembered. When i was in Hatyai, i actually found a Blythe shop!! Selling blythe dolls!! Omg omg *screams* They're so much cuter in real life...!!! And i saw alot of shops with little posters of blythes..thais do really love those dolls :)

Its almost 3...i shd really sleep earlier..

Came home to what i was fearing. Guess its fate, and i cant do much to stop it. Once im gone, im replaced. Whether im here or not, does not really matter anymore. I was just someone who was around :)

Im done talking, coz uve already set ur opinion on me. And whatever i have to say, will just be push aside and only irritate u. Now u understand why u said i always misunderstood u.

Forgiveness. Forgetting. Letting go.

I feel like giving up. Always trying to vie for ur attn. For a bit of ur time. When u didn't have the mood, i always tried to cheer u up, even though it hurt me when u kept silent but i knw, u were hurting inside. Ive been tryin to make amends, and move past the me u dislike. But u make it so hard..

A friend will assume ur ok. A good friend will know if u really are. Which one am i to u?

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