Sunday, November 22, 2009

Monday.....again.... D:

Just reached home not too long ago from my Hatyai trip :) Uber tired, exhausted, very de wet most of the times and sore feet..It was raining when we were there, heck it was raining 98% of the time. The other 2% is when we're asleep and dont knw whether it rained or not. Lol..

Getting slight headache and sneezing nonstop suddenly :( Think coz of the numerous time we were caught in the heavy downpour.

Brief summary of trip:~

Went with a bunch of ex colleagues frm Asia File and there were 12 of us. Rented a van and left Pg ard 7am. Long journey in a crampy x.x Reached Hatyai at abt 10plus. Rain rain. And i told them my ffs thai friends told me it was bad rain now. Nooo one believed me =.=

Anyway, checked in hotel, placed our bags and had buffet lunch at the hotel. Quite yummy stuff :) Then we were off shopping~ Walked ard the Central supermarkets and surrounding nooks and crannies. 1st time exploration lol.. Bought a bag there though..:D

Walked till abt 4plus and the van came to take us to the "Sleeping Buddha" temple and Floating market. Rain rain and more rain. Floating market was a disappointment, no boats ard coz the river water had risen too high :(

Went to have dinner at this Thai restaurant up in the hills. My brains exploded frm the tomyam and kensoms. Believe me, u will definitely lose ur senses :p

After that driver dropped us at Bus stop, a famous night market there. Alot of stuff to see and buy but one disadvantage. It rained! Again! Lol~ Still didnt stop my fellow shopaholics from splurging though..

Took tut tut back to hotel, bathed and came down again in search of massage parlours and supper :p Slept at about 1am after almost 18hrs of non stop moving x.x

Woke up ard 7.30am and got ready to go to the popular morning market :) Guess what? Yep, rained ~ Lol..wats new eh.. We were sort of gettin used to it now haha..Left hotel, got wet, and reached the market at abt 10. Man, this place was a maze. So many things, so little time x.x All of us got pots n pans which were extremely cheap. I got into it too :X Bought for mum :))

Walked ard somemore, bought dried stuff, cuttlefish, shredded pork, bla bla...Went back to hotel, broke, wet and tired...:p

Back to hotel, bathed, got ready to chk out and van came ard 3plus. Its a wonder we took such a short time to reach home since it was rainin like crazy here too.. i didnt sleep on the way back though..

Well, tats a short version of it. Alot of other screwed up things we did that 2 days haha..Will post pics and vid as soon as i can..Now need to get some rest, coz im feeling abit sick D:

Still Monday blues....but still, have a great week guys~!

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