Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finally got it! Pics of my new phone! Hehe ~ :D And here she is ...

Cool right? Hahaha...i knw im cool..cant help it :X

Anyway im glad i got it, and im slowly starting to get use to typing on it lol. Im still a slow sms typer though but no worries, ill soon be as fast as i used to be :p

Work was horrid ytd D: All the bosses and the office manager came back and it was hell-like :S Stressful and fk up environment again. Oh well, nothing lasts forever ne? Lol.. Think my new projects are on the verge on beginning d, so ill be more busy and crazier. Hopefully i dont go mad though coz one the projects is quite big scaled and ill be only staff handling it D: Hmmmm...

Shall not worry about that yet coz thinking about it makes me...:S

Im starting to really enjoy dance classes lol, i cant believe im actually into the 3rd month of going :) Well, im not gonna quit it this time, coz its really a stress reliever for me, and gets my mind of things :D Wish me luck, gogogo!! :p

Somehow, something feels different. Maybe its juz me, maybe its true, but i cant pinpoint it yet. Im glad uve let me in again, bt something feels amiss, maybe im jz paranoid. Maybe ur always this hyper or maybe ur stressed out :( I dont knw lol..But lub lub ya~ Though i dont really care anymore, i hope im not a means to get back at anyone :)

Oh well, back to work. Wanted to post last nite, bt fell asleep watching CSI lol~ :p


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