Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bad bad day for work D:

Was sneezing the whole morning which lead to coughing because i sneezed too much which lead to sore throat coz i was coughing too much :( In all, was tired the entire day, and body aches. Think my fever almost came back. Darn it.

Goin for dance class soon though, so might have to continue bloggin only after i come home from class. Shd i skip class today? Lol..

Yay me~! I didnt skip class :D Though was coughing alot in class D: But i made it haha :)

This is actually the longest time for me to finish a post ...im continuing this at work :p Took muscle relaxation meds ytd and fell asleep in less than 10mins :O Cool~

So, work is extremely boring today. More like i have no mood to work at all. Throat is sore from coughing and sneezin thus cant really talk much too D: But i jz realised its hols on Friday! yay yay!! :X

Currently doing mundane work, and yes i shd finish it and get it over with but im irritated that im actually doing double work =.=

Im such a bad employee~ D:

Anyway, played audi ytd with new modes, C9..Dam no. 5 button confuses me like hell. Other than that, nothing much. New songs? New items?

As u can see, my post is very very random today. Coz basically i have practically NOTHING to blog about =/ Im seriously bored out of my wits....Kill me pls someone?

Actually thought of changing my blog layout ytd..but cant find one page ones. Dam lazy to click ard the tabs lol x.x So that shall be my new project :D

Lately been dreaming alot, day dreams. Thoughts keep filling my head and somehow i cant quite keep them out. Its like i know something bad is gonna happen. But i dont wanna waste my time waiting for it to come, so i move on with life.

I try to smile each day. Laugh even when im down. Pick myself up after every fall.

Its not what it used to be. Maybe i had a hand in making it this way. Maybe uve just gotten bored. I dont like the ways i used to make u pay attn to me, coz its mostly not the best way and we will only end up arguing. Yes, i do sit back and think why ur bored talking to me, esp when i dont imply anything until i get tired of sitting there waiting for ur replies. I wish u can see it.

U used to be able to tell me anything. Why is it now, a simple wat are u doing, makes u so agitated? Ur words are so cruel recently.

I wonder if i left would u notice? Maybe not :)

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