Friday, November 27, 2009

Greeting fellow earthlings @ 27th Nov 09~!

Currently blogging and enjoying my bowl of ice kacang at the same time (yes yes, im coughing..but shhh :X)

So, what have i been up to these cpl of days? Thursday was spent rejoicing that it was finally Thursday lmao :X Didnt really wanna sleep at all, so spent it juggling and multi-taskin between tv, fb, audi, msn ..etc etc.. Oh ya! Wanted to look for a new blogskin, well actually raychy found a few for me, but im still lazy to re-edit it with my stuff @___@;;

Fell asleep at the pc at about 4? :X

Woke up early on Friday, ard 8plus i think..pc had juz been resting fr a few hrs nia..poor thing :p Audi'ed with babe after i served my dishes in cafe world :p One thing, C9'ing in the early morning...bery confusing x.x Maybe i havent audi'ed tis early in a veryy loonng time :p

Then slept, cafe world'ed, slept, oh, got jio audi by ken !! Miracle!! :p...took my dog for a run, came back, slept, fb, cafe world, csi.. bla bla bla bla....Lol~

Pretty boring huh? It was fun! :DD Family went out to Ipoh (i think) and since i was still feeling a little sick, i decided to stay home. Wee~ Home alone! Peace and quiet :O

Evening was spent doing just about the same thing thing of the night? Audi'ed with ange, mango and ken Really missed playin with u guys la~! The laming, craping, indecency :p And guessed who jio? Ange! LOL! Of all the ppl in the world :p Missed ya mei~ Lubs~ :)

Yes! I saved replay and took ss of us :P

I think its true babe, audi trying to screw with our 8k by putting in C9 :S

Sad thing abt audi'ing is i suddenly have intermittent freezes when i play :( Im not sure if its coz of the bad connection or the windows mode that i had set previously.Hmmm.. Anyway cant change it back to full screen anymore since the log in is now the old one we use to have. Bla. But still it was a fun nite :) We shd do it again soon guys ~ :D

Lamed on msn, watched lame ass vids on youtube and finally slept at abt 3plus'ish :X ~

Note: my posts are always one day behind :p YES! It takes me one day to finish bloggin now..but still i post right?? :p

Im happy its Saturday! Wee~ :D

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