Sunday, November 8, 2009

They say, when life gives u lemons, make lemonade. What they nvr told u was, wat if life hands u a bad lemon, what do u do with it? Throw it out? Or try to make good use of it? I would nvr throw it out.

I dont think ive ever felt this sad or hurt before. The words u said kept repeating in my head. The cruel and cold words u used on me. It tore me apart, even more with ur silence. Ive never deserted u when i had my friends, coz u were always part of my circle.

Im sorry for being too strong on you, this much i can do. But i didnt deserve all those things u said. I guess in my attempt to hold on, ive made u go further away frm me. So now, ive become the bad person in ur life and the other has become the better person.

I guess there's nothing much i can do anymore. Ive been told to let go. I guess thats the only thing i can do.

It will not be easy, and hurts as hell. But i respect ur choices.

I hope there will be sun after the rain.. :)

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