Sunday, November 15, 2009

Taking my life step by step, day by day :)

Its the weekends! And though i havent rested as much as i should, im happy :) and though i did ppk some friends ytd :X they wanted to go karaoke to celebrate an early bday but i wasnt in the going out mood D: Rain leh! I was plannin to sleep...they're so gonna kill me TT^TT

Life is fragile, relationships are fragile, but its how we deal with it that matters. Im glad its turned out ok, but im learning not to expect too much thus less disappointment. I shall not dwell on this any further, coz its time to forgive n forget. No matter who was wrong, i apologize, coz i truly treasure tis relationship.Time will repair all the hurt that was felt by us. Time to smile again, ok? :)

Oh ya, went to Joy's wedding party ytd, such a cool new mode >< New wedding song which rocks more than the old one -.- and the layout so cool D: Haha, will post photos when i come back frm my phone shopping.

YES! Im gonna get my new phone today. I was actually using my bro's 5800, hmmmmm..why did i decide to change ar? Hiao? :p Anyway he sold the old phone ler, so i have NO choice bt to get a new one >< I might end up getting a new 5800 :O *slaps*'

Im so so so excited! Havent had a new phone in 2 years! *gasp* :p No matter what im gonna get one today, and mum is being super supportive this time, thanks mum! :D

Ok la, time for lunch..will have another post later :)) Double post for Sunday! :D

Supertighthugss and lots of love ♥

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