Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hello peeps @ 25th Nov~

Cant believe ive been updating my blog almost every day. Somehow i find comfort in it again. Telling how i feel, my dreams, my wishes and not be judged of what i am supposed and not supposed to do.

I find solace in it. Its a place i pour and vent my feelings out and forget about it when i wake up tomoro. Some day, i will read back on my past post and laugh at my innocence or stupidity. Lol :)

Its Thursday~ finally :) And for this weeks' special, Thursday is the new Friday :p

Played audi for almost 6hrs ytd nite. Dont knw why i did it though lol. Havent played so much in a long long time. Was too engrossed with C9 and also to block out the voices in my head. I think im becoming delusional lol~
Nah, its just alot of going ons at the same time. About my path in life, where do i wanna go frm here. Am i happy now? Well, i try to be. Alot of things have come crashing down and i wonder how i will be able to make it through in one piece. But guess i will survive :)

Lost my voice since ytd lolz, result of coughing too much :( But its good, silence on my side haha :D

"Time will tell.."

Will things ever be the same again? I wont look that far. For now, im just taking it one day at a time. Though it hurts me on hw distant we've become. How u cant even call me what u used to call me anymore or talk the way we used to. It feels like im one of the casual friend u talk to at work and when u go home, that person doesnt even cross your mind until u see them again tomoro. If u see them. It used to be, even though we're miles apart, we were always close in spirit but its not that anymore. I miss the time when u 1st left, coz we seemed closer then. I resent the fact that your work has made u angry and tired most of the time. But thats life, and how u choose to live it. U seem to be in a far away land and im just standing outside the window, looking in.

Im still hopeful, but wont expect much. Less expectations, less disappointments.

*Lots of Love* ♥

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