Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Monday people~~!! And what a wonderful Monday it has been....NOT =.=

As if its not bad enough that its a Monday, plus the fact that a majority of my friends are not working (replacement for Thaipusam on Sat), i had to come to office and find out that my ex colleague (the one that macho'ly resigned) came back to work today. Lol? Mr. Im too cool to work here, ill do my work my way and after i leave here, what jobs i have in line is private confidential? Wrong move man =.=

Ex colleague who was fired, was also an ex staff here and they called her back to work for them. My opinion, once u leave and if they ask u to come back and u do, u lose out on respect from them. Not that they do give any. Bahs! And im sitting at where he used to sit, coz basically the phones are juz beside me, and last time, when the phone rang, Mr. my hands are to heavy to pick the phone, would make me walk all the way to his place jz to answer the bladi phone. Double bahs.

In summary, work sucks today. And its not that i have anything against him, jz cant stand the smug look just coz bosses ask him to come back. In my head im thinking, "What a loser, mr no balls =.="

And he's after my net line again. Sheesh. Must get him to request for his own. Dam ma fan for me, imagine 2ppl sharing one cable >_>""

Ive suddenly thought of nicknames for the bosses, i shall call the husband "mousey" coz his dam fugly moustache that makes him look like a mouse :x and the wife "empress" LOLOLOL :X Who ask them to piss me off 1st, and even had me do delivery of payments to suppliers =.= Like b4 i left for work, was suppose to drop off a chk fr a supplier, bt boss say want to go, ask me to prepare work orders urgently (bear in mind, already 6pm) then in the ask me to go anyway zzzz..and on top of that, ask me to send the door maker back to the office, like wtf? I already finish work and its not even on the way =.= The dude said mousey ask me to call him, i jz said, no need call d la, for what? Frankly i dont even care if he told my boss, coz my boss can go fk himself. Manipulative asses.

Just a dam tiring day, running fkin errands like some kind of office boy, and everywhere is so jam and freakin hot nowadays. Wanted to find someone to talk to, but sigh, guess u were busy too :(

Came home with mum doing spring cleaning *silent screams* CNY cleaning... ><. Guess my day is not over yet :( Luckily they went out to get wants to compete with neighbour..My God, i hope we dont end up looking with CNY shopping mall type deco =.=""

Oh ya, Case 39? Not bad movie :) Scary in a sense, bt not scary to the effect i only see my hands on front of my face type lol. Meaning, still ok, even for scaredy cats like me :x But then devil incarnate little girls are dam screwed up'ly ><.

I wanna go rest, but mum is on the way back with lights...i wonder if i can weasel my way out of this...sleepy x.x

And i woke up with a swollen lower lip today!! Tmd..must be insect bite :((


& just when i thought it was healing..

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