Friday, February 19, 2010

Time does not wait for anyone, neither should i.
What was said, has been said, and no one can take it back.
There are no wins or loses. Just alot of hurt.

Early morning power trip woke me up this morning. Wth, nw its in the morning. Thank god it only lasted about 10mins. But then again, it happened when i just got my pc running after it had almost crashed again. Nice job TNB, seems like ur trying to really kill my pc =.= Another one in the early evening while i was in audi, also less than 10mins disruption but still painful to see my pc go blank again. Idiots... 'nuf said.

Not a good way to start the day and it just went downhill there onwards. Was supposed to go out and go to the bank with sis coz might not find a parking space. She slept n slept till it was almost 12. When she finally woke, i asked if could go out now, and all mum n sis had to say was "Its lunch time" Banks dont close during lunch k? I got so annoyed, i mean if they didnt wan to go just tell me, instead of making me wait whole morning. Havent spoken to them since. Ill get it done myself tomoro.

Like i said, audied in the morning, abit in the afternoon and all the way through the evening. Played till my eyes glassed over, my brain stop understanding and my fingers couldnt really press anymore. And no, it didnt really help. Whatever.

Stalked ahp and diana and played with them till pinny came. Then Babyval joined us and well, she said some things which opened up a wound again. I will nvr understand why u need to do what u did and say what u said to her. Not just her, every single person. I will nvr ever understand. Left with pinny and played with her for abit and chatted abt her stuff abit before she had to go off to satisfy her Coffee Bean cravings. Even sei Plutonian stalked our room for a cpl of games b4 heading off to stalk other ppl.

At some point, someone commented our room really full of WS's and one SuperStar lol.
Oh well, their a dime a dozen now :)

Came out, had a late dinner and watched some lame ass Sorority Row, another one of those mindless killings type =.= But brain too tired to really get scared. Besides, it was lame? Lol.

Anyway, off to bed coz i really really have had a rough day. Gonna finish up my choco milk while playing some patapon on my psp and fall asleep doin that :)



I dont think i can hurt more coz its already become numb.

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