Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hola peepos~!

Skipped out on ytd's post, coz well, i forgot to save one and when i remembered it was already past 12 =.= Not that there was much to blog about anyway :X Maybe this post will be slightly longer then? Here goes...

Day was basically spent on bed. Oh my.. Family went up to yes, they didnt manage to drag me out of the house..its so bladi hot, i seriously DO NOT wanna go out. Fact is, Cameron is also hot hahahaha...they told me that when they came back :p

Soooo..basically spent the RE-WATCHING old shows again n again .... Back to the future 2, Supernatural, and other shows which i suddenly cant recall...maybe i fell asleep? Lolzz. Had to make my own made. Fettucine! Yay! Its been awhile since i cooked for myself and being home alone has it upsides :) No mum, no sis, no dog :O Peace and quiet for me and note: no headphone was required to shut out sound :p Dont get me wrong, i love my family, just well, i need time away frm them sometimes :X

They came back slightly after 9 and had dinner, with the veggies they bought up there. Quite nice i must say, bery fresh haha :D

And that was my Tuesday, well spent :) By doing nothing much, touche~ :p

Did i mentioned, power trip again in the afternoon? *shakes head*

Woke up late and was supposed to go out and get some particulars at USM, but it was kinda late and needed to go to the bank too. In the end, went nowhere and stayed at home playin abit of poker and etc etc lol. Audied later after that, and i still need to say, chancing sucks, big time. But im still glad im practising it lol :X Hopefully i think im gettin abit better at it, me thinks D:

Anyway, for some strange reason, C9 came in to our lives alot tonite. Joined quite a number of rooms which had it. Its like fate had a hand in it coz later we joined compy and alot of C9 modes came out. I only made it through 1st rd, and 2nd rd was a close call, also C9.. Bah. But whole compy didnt have 4k at all, not sure abt the finals though.

Suddenly babe suggested we join cpl compy O_O; Heart stopped a beat but kinda excited too lol, just as long as he doesnt get irritated with my noobness in cpl mode :S Quite fun i must say, though only made it through prelims, coz i was laggin in the 2nd rd :( Sorry babe ><. Need to practice my perfs and chains and also not to miss too much *notes to self* :)

2nd round - Couple comp :)

And that was it, 2 days of nothing much and yet im tired o.O lolzz.. Pc still dying once in awhile..keeps coming out the crash dump blue screen. I figure it would be a matter of time b4 it really dies :X

3 more days before my days of slacking end... omigosh..MC time!! :x

Baizzzzz ~!

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