Sunday, February 14, 2010


Tis' is the time where oranges are slaughtered mindlessly and pockets are dried out not only for red packets but also for flowers and chocolates and what not :p JUST KIDDING!!! :D

So what have i been up to? Other than sleeping, eating (steamboat for the past 2 days, and i foresee many more days to come ><.), watching dvds, fb'ing? Erm..just everything i just mentioned, repeatedly done, over n over n over again :S

Also TNB has been a friggin big pain in the behind, with 2 trips ytd and another one earlier tonite which lasted about 2 bladi hrs D:< time =".=">_>"

Anyway, no visiting this year, and guess my hong bao count is getting lower. But then again, for mum its worth it coz my other cousins "breed" like rabbits :X I mean seriously, every year there's a new niece/nephew which i have nvr seen? :O

V-Day? Nothing much, just like CNY, it just died off quietly lol.. Its just an over-rated, over-commercialised day to get ppl to spend un-neccessarily just to prove that they love someone. Only for that day? Of coz u might say, im only sayin this coz i got no one to celebrate it with, bt ur so wrong :) I just feel its all a load of crap. Everyday shd be V-day! Minus the flowers, fancy dinner and chocs ;)

Basically thats about it and oh yes, babe got me hooked on playin poker lol.. I knw mei mei and raych used to force me to play all the time, bt i didnt try coz well, i suck at poker :S Reason why im trying it this time is coz i have about 8 days on my hand to spend slacking about, so i thought
what the hoot? :p

In spirit of tradition, as corny as it may sound, i would like to wish all my family and friends a great year 2010 ahead! May the year of the tiger bring u more luck, more prosperity and more happiness!


For V-Day or love love day as they call it :)

I wish all those who are in love, stay in love, respect and be
thankful that you have each other. Never take the other for granted because u nvr knw when u might lose them. Love and cherish for always ;)

"I will be by your side, and hold your hand when u falter, smile when u are happy and cry when u are sad. You will be my soul mate, my best friend, my confidante. And while u sleep, i shall whisper in your ear, how much i love you and how grateful i am to have found you :) "

Until the day i find you ~

Enuf corni-ness for the nite folks! ;)

Guten nacht!!


How could something that is frowned upon bring a new revelation to your life?
I just wish, u wont do the one thing that will hurt me the most,
Coz i dont think i can let it go this time around.

Im not afraid of walking away anymore :)

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