Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hoho!! 1st day of work!! Conclusion = Sleepy as hell man :X

Though i was suppose to officially start work on M0nday, bt laziness gt the best of me and mc slowly crept from behind... ima such a model employee :S Not bad lar...some ppl actually start today also lor... D:

Work was erm, lost to me.. Couldnt find the things i stopped doing abt 10days ago lol D: And had to make sense what i didnt finish..(luckily not to much) Was suppose to start on website designing for comp (though i did hope the bosses forgot...wat la! they're not hiring me to do designing work lo!..cheapskates..)

Went through half the day, sorting out papers after papers after papers..i was basically piled up with papers =.= And then sometime in the afternoon, she remembered le! ><. And ask me if i was looking into it..Sigh...Im nt that good at designing webbies de lor...thank god i found a site which was quite easy to handle and str8 forward! But by the time i actually found it, almost time go hm liao lol :X Did halfway le la..shall look more into it tomoro :D

And office was DAM HOT today! asdjqariuqerfpoejrfqpoejfrqef :S

Left office quite late le, ard 6plus, came hm, had dinner, and went into audi.. New moves eh...weird and confuses me (excuses :X) Saw baby and joined her for inter comp. Not very good results so shall not mentioned it D:

Practiced by myself abit and babe came in. Practised abit more and went to exp comp :) Me so proud of meself tonite!! :D Made it through Rd1 - 2nd place :D , coz i x8 :p and made it through Rd2 also 2nd place O_O!! At the last 20secs, my hand were like shaking lor...couldnt believe i didnt miss much wor and chain chain chain :D Bery bery proud of myself! Hehehe...and babe was my supporter behind :3 Didnt pass Rd3 though, lagged and made me miss my fm TT^TT~ Besides, it was a tougher grp.. i think.. Babe shd have played for me! D: hahahaha :X

1st Rd~ :)

2nd Rd ~ :O

Played abit more after compy with ahp and diana and then headed off to cpl compy :) We made it to till semis! O_O! Im quite surprised with my playin tonite...misses here n there, bt still better than i expected wor :D Lucky i have a pro cpl, eh babe? :p Too bad lost in semis, coz abv 120 de speed, i basically lose control liao :( Sorry babe....i will jy practice de! Compy's are fun! :3 I still feel if i had a better grip, would have made it to another rd in both comps de ><. Bah me.

Prelims & 1st rd met the same cpl lol ~

2nd Rd - met with serene n hanhan lol :)

3rd Rd~

4th round got take but mai put song :X Could have done better de! Bla bla :S

Anyway, played abit more with guild and before we knew it, its 1am dy....and now its well, late? :S And getting hungry le...zzzz ..I see Pringles! Lol..

Oh wells, time for bed. Overall day, happy with my audi'ing ...though i dono why i suck at normal games today, kept missing like siao, even b4 comp =.= Maybe comp more challenge which brings out the best in me? :X Hehe ..



& how long will it be like today?
it seemed just like old times,
I hope u can be the better friend that u promised..
One last try? :)

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