Friday, February 26, 2010

"To have others believe in you, you first need to believe in yourself"

I guess its true, the more u are afraid of losing something, the more u tend to lose it,
The more you keep telling yourself u cant lose, the more u tend to,
Dont know if its fate's way of telling us to have more faith, or its just our own doing for we do worst things when we are uncertain.
We try too hard, grip too tight and plead too much,
And believe me, its not the way :)

I keep telling this to baby, and yet i do the same thing, i really shd start listening to myself lol.
I really shd start clearing my closet of insecurities and doubts, and start believing again.

Im sorry i made it seem like i didnt trust you, ill try my best not to next time.

Sometimes, i dont know if im doing the right thing, staying on,
Would it be better if i didnt and walked away?
Would it make us happier? Hmmmm.. :)

No more thoughts for the night.. and welcome home babe :)

P/s: Was today the last time i would hear so much frm u in a day?
I hope that all goes well this time, and we stay as we were b4 u came back.
I have faith :)


Just had a haircut and dyed my hair :D, been meaning to do it since b4 CNY bt figured i had the long hols so kept postponing it. Then it was trips every single nite, so more postponing lol. In the end, hols was over and my hair looked like shit =.=

Finally asked sis to cut for me coz it was getting too thick and i came home with a bad headache from work. Even slept fr an hr and felt slightly better after that. Maybe its the late nites too. Thankfully no work tomoro! Yayness :D

Im kinda impatient when it comes to sitting down quietly. Half hr tops and i get squirmly le :X But bo pian la, still needed to have it done :D And i like it :)

Didnt join comp today, coz well, was sleeping lol and besides babe wasnt ard for moral support D: anyway, maybe one day break frm audi will bring more pro-ness out the next day? LOL :X

Bosses wasnt ard today, so peace and quiet, bt still got that dam form to fill out asdafuitehg =.=. Left work early anyway, too lazy le since tomoro hols lol :X

Came home to see siblings..both! mapling :O Sis even asked me wat her pass was...i made that acc fr her 3yrs ago ok? Cant remember d la =.= so end up, she's using my acc lol ..

And i just realised im writing incoherently again and my posts are all jumbled up. Oh wells, screw me.

Thinking of goin to bed early today, maybe see some animes or watch a dvd...hmmm.. we'll see :)

Oyasumi nasai~!

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