Thursday, February 11, 2010

1st of all, random nothings which i find, are amusing :-

Go to and type in ur 1st name.. see what comes out. Its suppose to be pasted on FB status, but mine is just..well.. see what i got for my name..

Mag-duh-lay-nuh - (noun). Origin: Magnanimus Pius (Polish, meaning "thieving magpie").
1. A girl who either steals your heart away like a thieving magpie would a shiny object or who resembles the small black-and-white bird in appearance.
2. Often used to describe the most beautiful girl you've ever seen. Can also be used to describe the most beautiful black-and-white bird you've ever seen.
3. "Rare beauty"... in bird-watchers' terms.

Does it mean im a beautiful girl or a bird? O_O;; Im so not gonna put this on FB =.=

Another random thing...

My Chinese New Year shoesss!! Lol :X But its cute right? :p

Work was tiring as usual today.. lots of stuff to clear up and im happy with how my banner turned out :) Bosses were happy with it hehe :D Not that im happy i pleased them, bt happy that i got it done :DD Also got my back number plates for my car fixed! Seriously, this is like the 3rd or 4th time ive changed it...alot of ppl like to kiss my car butt =.= But! I forgot to collect urs today babe! T_T.. Took mum to buy stuff after work and halfway choosing sotongs..i was like SHIET!! ;wild... nvm, i go take tomoro during lunch :)

Anyway, took mum to get her groceries and Tesco was weirdly deserted. Got our stuff and went home. Took a bath, too late to join compy d so decided to practice my chancing. Lol..yea yea, im finally gonna to do it.. bt i did chance alot recently lor, jz when it gets confusin, i tend to give up..hmm..wish me luck ba :)

Mum and sis are better today, and my god, just 2 days of silence frm them and today, mum is talking like she hasnt been talking for a week @_@;; I needa go sleep just to make her stop D:

Last day of work! Finally! And im not dead! Haha :D Hopefully it will be a smooth day tomoro and ill get to enjoy my hols more. Heck even if its a bad day, im gonna enjoy it still ! :D

Just came out of audi and well, got acash just now :S One thing bad, when i get upset, i tend to spend...and when i get upset abt audi, i tend to console myself with acash =.= Sheesh. Well, its been 3 months since my last purchase..shd be forgive-able :P

Sleeping time! My eyelids really are droppin d x.x



I wont force it, but i wont let it slack..
and i dont like to be challenged :)

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