Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spoke too soon!! =.=

As soon as i posted my last entry, sei mousy called and ask to print out a fkin 60pages business proposal =.= and 2 copies! zzzzzz and want it binded also! WTF?? It was already 5 d har, and the printer in our office is not young....takes abt 1/2 hr or more jz to print one bladi set...BAH BAH BAH!! And the dam binding machine is not working in our must take to shop and bind..walao.. i str8 told OM, i need go hm earlier d, let her tell bosses la, i dont really care, and though it seems she was genuinely concern abt my time (or maybe jia jia..who knows) ask me take her to the the end, i went home at 7 frm the friggin shop even with her there...oh fuckety fuck yay! =.=

Came home, played alone awhile and decided to join compy..kena trashed also dont care Normal fav ! :p coz i seem to chain alot in this mode rofl...and i got 2nd haha, all coz it was a slow song and i kept pressing the last key too which made me miss fm...2 times! =.=

Rd 1 - Normal Indi - 112bpm :)

2nd rd was CC4, some 120 song..and though i got 4th, im quite happy with my 4k tonite ahaha :X Played with random ppl after that, something which i havent done in awhile..anyway, hopped ard, then saw serene, yorke, nelson and platina, so joined them fr abit..well quite abit lol..test of faith and patience in playin 4k lolzz :S

Awhile later played with babe, bt attn span seriously gone down the drain..though im still pleased with my 4k and chains *gloatsss* :p Only for tonite ba...jz wanted loud music to blast my thoughts away.. Now there silence again, and my mind is wandering off..

Oh, noob me, was wondering wat the practice mode fr observers was...yuan lai by practising in the obs spot, can get dens de :O Cute right? :D

Lolzz..all because i accidentally press dao the arrows, if not i wouldnt knw also =.=

So, that was my nite of audi..seriously nvr play so much 4k in one determined to get better! >_>"" I still dont like it though...Lolol :S *kiasu-ism*

Off to bed peeps, back pain'ing d ><... Va mos! :)


Its still there, in my heart, on my mind, in my thoughts..
I cant seem to let it go, even if my heart tells me otherwise...
I cant trust it anymore..

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