Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just finished crying my eyes out.... :(

Lol..Dont be worried (i mean u ever were ><...) Just finished watchin Hachiko, which pulled at all my heartstrings and made me feel so touched..u know la, emotionally high me :x Ive heard his story for so long, this is the first time i actually saw the movie. Though its an american adaption, still touching nonetheless.

Summary of Hachiko's story, which is a true story btw - its about this dog in Japan, who every day , would wait for his master at the train station for him to come home. One day, the owner suddenly died and nvr did get on that train and Hachiko continued coming back and waited at the train station for his master's return for 9yrs until he died of old age. There's now a bronze statue of him at Shibuya's station to honored this very very loyal dog TT^TT~

Wat la...really touching lor..wat can i say? Ima sucka for dog shows...esp ones like these coz its an actual story :(

So how was my weekend now that its almost 2am on a very early Monday morning, other than a very very very extremely blue-ish feeling? Ermm, numbness? Still watching my anime lolz :X

@Saturday - was spent at work, well, 1st part of it anyway. Wat else can i say other than it was extremeeeely boring? was extremely supercalifragilistic-ally boring? I wonder what i will write on my daily report...shit, have to do that tomoro..Guess ill have to bs ady =.= Lame can? Me and colleague were just laming the morning away.. tmd.

Anyway, was happy when i finally got home, hot hot day, had lunch and took a short nap. Woke up and went into audi and continued tagging hearts :) And very nice new rims babe, bery kakkoii!! ;)

Stopped awhile for dinner, and i took a nap again rofl, continued after babe came back and tagged till almost 1am-ish and went to another LP (when am i gonna get mine? TT^TT ..:P) Lol...uber tired. Met some idiots in audi, while tagging, bt shall not dwell into that. And my pc is giving me more problem by its constant crashing. Sigh. Think will send it to pc dude tomoro morning...hopefully he can fix it by the end of the day..

@Sunday - woke up early for Jp class @_@;; imagine waking up at 9plus on a Sunday~! Torturous also eh ><....luckily not many times ba..will bear with it..Class was good till the last 15mins when i found myself zoning out x.x Really bery sleepy suddenly :X

Went home, tagged abit with babe, my pc crashed 2 times =.= getting fked and irritating. Sigh, might as well dont have pc then can hide from the online world....omg..i might get withdrawal symptoms..Must go to those like Alcoholics Anynonomous de grps, except these are for ppl who cant stay from getting online LOL :x

Ok, dont mind the tired crapping :S

Slept abit, watched Fast & Furious 4 (yes, havent seen it yet..didnt even knw there was a 4 ><.) and Hachiko.. Had some chicken salad for dinner, lepak-ed in audi abit, and here i am.. tired and moody with alot of Pre Monday Blues *pouts*

Oh wells, another day, another week, another month tomoro..time is moving rather fast isnt it? Mama's bday coming soon too...wonder what we should get her. Hmmm..

Off to bed guys! Have a wonderful week ahead, though u might hate it, but still have to go through it, unless u suddenly get mc lol :X Be positive!! :p




& im sorry for acting up when it comes to that person,
it shdnt even bother me, and it wont anymore,
And sometimes i wish u were more patient with me,
my pc dying really not my fault T^T

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