Saturday, February 13, 2010

Which is harder? To hold on or to let go?

How can the person who makes u the happiest, also makes u the saddest?
How can there be so much care and love one minute & so much contempt and hatred the next?
How can a person promise something to your face & turn ard just to break it the next instance?
How can ppl lie and say its all for our best? Best for who?
So many how's, why's, so many qns left unanswered, and shall remain unanswered.

Bitter sweet emotions carry me through the days,
The memories of the past, seemingly hides from view but pops out its head once awhile,
Just to bring back memories of what was before, the good and the bad..

All i know is, treasure the ppl that u have now, make the choices your willing to live with,
And nvr blame the world for the path u chose,
Coz sometimes momentary sparks are just that, pretty in the beginning,
But dies away nonetheless.

I feel myself repeatin this over and over again,
All i hope for is that you see it.


Sorry for the last posting, mainly coz i was sleeping most of the time on Friday.
It felt like i havent slept for the longest time, and i loved it lol :)
And to think i still have 9 more sleeping days to go :p

Babe came over and helped him fix his new car plates, which looks cool btw ;) then tested my new headphones, courtesy of babe, which i really love :) Shall post piccys tomoro, coz room is too dark to transfer it out of my phone ><.

Need to go to bed again le, early day tomoro, preparation of steamboat stuff for reunion and also prayers.

Ciaozz~!! :)

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