Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hola people on a Saturday morning~ :)

Gonna head off to bed soon, so just a quick post before i do ;) Today's hols was basically, well, majority of the day was spent tagging hearts with babe :) Woke up early after he sms'ed and asked, went into audi. Tagged till about 1plus and had a break.

Babe went for lunch and did his stuff + sleep lol, while i loiterd at home alone coz family went out to eat choo char lolz. Wanted to follow, bt was lazy at the same time :X So stayed at home doggie sitting, had my laksa lunch and continued with my anime - Kaasan. Dam funny one really :D

Was feeling a little down in the afternoon, but that show really managed to lift my spirits up slightly :)

Family came home, went out again with dog and i just continued lying in bed. Surprisingly cooling afternoon leh...bery nice :D And luckily i didnt follow them go eat coz apparently the food not so nice anymore :p

Went back to tagging hearts after babe woke up and tagged fr about 7hrs str8 O_O;; Havent done that in awhile , so brain abit not functioning really well at the moment lol :X Watched dvd's and read some books while doing it lol.. and at the end of the day, we went to 2 lps (1of which we didnt really know) and 1 wedding - ptn's lol...yes again.. :X

Fruitful day, no? Lolzz..

Gonna head off to bed now...think will watch one more epi b4 i sleep though :D But having bad headache dy ..dono why :(


P/s: Thanks babe for tagging with me today...we're that much closer to the next ring le ;lub


Was feeling slightly down in the afternoon, luckily had my anime and baby's company lol.
Thanks ya :)
And ur right, i know it, i shdnt keep doing this to myself, i shd be happy more.
Ill try my best to keep my screwed up thoughts away.
Had a little revelation after i went toilet (yes! lol :x),
Its doesn't matter how worried or sad or how much i think about it,
Its not up to me to stop anything, its up to u,
When someone know hw much an action could hurt another and does it despite that,
We really cant do much about it , can we?
I hope it does not happen, but that is all i can do, Hope and a little bit of faith :)
I shant be worried over something which i have no control whatsoever over..
What ever u do or intend to do, please remember me.. :)

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