Thursday, February 25, 2010

Havin a bad headache at work.. think its the heat ><. And feeling uneasy.. =.=

OM passed me a Daily Report form this morning. We're suppose to be doing this now, writing down what we do in the day. Lol. There can only be 2 opinions on this move:

1. Bosses dont believe we have any work to do. And that we're too free hence we're forced to bs on this report.

2. Bosses still think we have nothing to do, so this task will actually mean we're doing something with our time.

Lol. Either way, i hate filling out forms like this coz its only 2 ppl working in the dam office. And do they think its our fault we have nothing much to do? Not that im saying im free.. IM NOT. Still doing that fkup website designing. And they say like its so easy, bt dont wan to pay for ppl's services (i.e pro ppl who actually do this for a living?)

Not happy at all. Still need to do it though. But doing it unhappily =.=

Fell asleep at lunch and now im hungry d ><. Luckily almost time to go home :)

And oh ya, have a safe trip back babe~ :)

P/s: Got a paper cut again today...pain la! :( Looking for some sayang...anyone? Pls? :(

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